Welcome, to the other side of life.

As an eclectic and non-traditional practicing magician, pseudo-alchemist and student of the esoteric arts, I occasionally procure and manufacture various metaphysical tools, artifacts and occult paraphernalia. These will be made available in this section on a very limited and sporadic basis, along with other assorted collectibles, oddities and unmentionables.

Is your life not interesting enough? Ever needed a minor act of sorcery, but didn’t know where to look or were too embarrassed to ask?                  I may be able to help. Discretion assured 99.99%.

Metaphysical/Magic upgrades are available for any of my knives, or for your own tools, cars, home and office or lifestyle, and general reality enhancements. Other related services may be available, just ask. I am self-trained in a variety of reality-augmentation techniques, and can employ various methods of probability distortion for manifestation of effect.

My prices for these special services vary greatly, and are determined on an individual basis through personal consultation. Please direct inquiries to atom-splasher@hotmail.com.
As credentials, I will let the quality of my craftsmanship speak for me, and I assure you that all metaphysical work is performed with the same skill, love, and attention to detail as are my knives and artwork. However, since this type of thing is generally considered to be for entertainment purposes only, I cannot accept liability for anything that may or may not happen as a result of my doing this work for you.

Here is one example of a freely distributed enhancement.
Unconventional, yet authentic.

The work pictured below is available.

This authentic metaphysical implement was originally meant to be a personal tool for my own use, but I chose to go with a completely different design and finished this one anyway knowing that some day it would find its way to the right person. It includes a hand-carved presentation box of oil-finished Boxelder wood.

Here is my artistic interpretation of an athame/pendulum/pocket-wand combination tool, pre-charged with auric vibrations corresponding to the entire visible-light spectrum and specially attuned to the ‘universal life energy’, Chi, or ‘aetheric force’ that permeates all space at a metaphysical level. Please note that this tool is a ceremonial ritual instrument designed for work that mainly takes place on the non-physical plane, and is not particularly suitable for cutting of actual objects. It’s double-edged tip is designed for ritualistic ‘cutting’ or ‘writing’ one’s intentions onto a mostly imaginary surface or to gently inscribe images onto softer objects, or used as a pointer to direct one’s intentions forcefully or to control imaginary forces. It can be a powerful aid in psychic self-discovery, channeling inner strengths, protection from negative influences, and opening your mind to the creative forces of the cosmos.(Those who shun or do not understand such practices, or have no belief in or knowledge of them can consider this piece to be a decorative and overly expensive paperweight or bauble, and it will perform admirably as such.)

I went with a ‘general attunement’ theme, suitable for anyone but done specifically for someone new to the Path and seeking balance and momentum after a period of confusion, instability and uncertainty. This enhancement/enchantment was also done to help give the user an increase in metaphysical perception and up the odds of manifesting his/her intent, as well as to help channel any additional energies that would benefit the advancement of their True Will. Likewise, the very advertisement of this piece as ‘metaphysical’ and the processes I describe should help reinforce a sense of credibility, authenticity and effectiveness towards it in your own mind, which is where the real magic takes place.

Prior to the Athame’s construction, I had sought guidance from the universe and from the steel itself. Forged from an automotive leaf-spring salvaged from a derelict vehicle in my yard, it was chosen to represent rebirth and new beginnings, a transformation from scrap metal and rusty decay, worthless and without purpose into a polished and inspiring work of Art, finding use once again on a completely different level of reality. The double-chisel point was chosen to contrast sharply against the flat-sided handle and to be suggestive of the faceted faces of a crystal, hinting at Iron’s secret nature as a cubic-structured crystal. The polished ‘blade’ section and gray/black ‘handle’ are also representative of the dual aspects of Life: light/dark, good/evil, happiness/sadness, cold/warmth, pleasure/pain etc., and these polarized themes were meditated upon during the creation process in equal measure for a balanced representation of the Life experience. The decorative Copper pins, being aligned with Female metaphysical symbolism, were added to balance the masculinity of Iron.

My forge, tools and entire workshop being specially cleansed and prepared as sacred space beforehand, a thorough Chakra meditation was performed, during which an ‘energy ball’ corresponding to each Chakra color was accumulated and set aside to be metaphysically placed into the artwork during heat-treating, along with a symbolically-drawn Intention that the piece is now attuned to ‘cosmic, magical forces, aetheric currents, and the vital life-force of the universe”.

Special attention and concentration was also given to the colors Red and Green: Red representing the divine fire of creation, the impetus of all action, and yet also the divine scourge. Red to remove what is no longer needed, and Red again to strengthen what remains. This is the color of passion and strength, and carries with it a spiritual momentum. It also corresponds spiritually to Iron. This is balanced by Copper, which corresponds to the color Green, representing birth, fresh new growth, love, peace and empathy. Green is also a healing color, both emotional and physical.

For heat treating this piece, I did not focus on the metallurgical processes with cutting performance in mind, but rather for the Alchemical reasons that I will now describe. During the hardening procedure, as the blade is heated through the ~1400F-1550F range, a phase transformation occurs within the crystal structure of the steel. This new face-centered cubic crystal phase is called Austenite and is non-magnetic, as opposed to room-temperature hardened steel, or Martensite. During this non-magnetic Austenite phase, the steel is no longer under the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, and as such it is possible to re-polarize the steel’s crystal structure if needed. I did not do that, but I believe that in the Austenitized condition, so removed from exterior magnetic interruption, the steel is now susceptible to metaphysical influence through mind-matter interface. Thus have I metaphysically placed my intentions and imaginarily accumulated energy-balls into the face-centered cubic Austenite crystals, where upon rapid cooling they will undergo a phase-change back into body-centered cubic Martensite crystals with my intent locked inside. ABRAHADABRA  (Incidentally, my intentions will become bound with a Carbon atom during the phase transformation. This will also serve to provide a link between my intentions, the tool itself, and the end user, as Carbon is the basis of all Earthly life.)

Should you wish to imbue this tool with your own vibrations and personal energy, or perhaps are concerned about the possible release of uncontrolled aetheric energy, you can be assured that I have ‘locked’ my attunement and metaphysical work so that those influences will lie dormant and inert unless a specific activation procedure is followed. (Instructions included.) Until then, do what you will with this beautiful handcrafted ornament or paperweight: Tear up my instructions and make the piece your own, or simply keep it as a curiosity to regale your friends with tales of the Artist’s construction process. Even displayed as such, this piece would inspire within admirers a different mindset as they question and talk among each other about their impressions. In that sense, my intent is manifest by inspiring the imagination.

You can see why it’s hard to put a price on something like this, a minuscule object that resembles a tool of sorts but has very limited mundane application. Someone wishing to acquire a fancy trinket would no doubt expect to pay far less than one who seeks a powerful and unique occult item. For this reason I will offer the artwork for the arbitrary price of $250 or trade, knowing that a like-minded person will be able to make me a suitable offer. For suggestion, I’m interested in original artwork of the surrealist/macabre/erotica genres. Also, a 1 liter or larger steam-distillation apparatus would be handy.

Inquire at atom-splasher@hotmail.com


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