Knife Sharpening,

Same day service may be available, or drop them off and pickup the next day.

$5 – $10 for most standard sized knives.

Knife repair/restoration available at extra cost. Broken tip, chipped blade, handle replacement, polishing, Contact me for quote.


MIG welding of iron and steel items for repair etc. Contact me for quote

General repair/restoration,

I offer my versatile skills to give your ‘special something’ the care it needs.

Antiques, old tools, firearms, sculptures, personal items.

Creative Design,

I can help you make that one-of-a-kind idea come alive.

Custom sculpture, wall or garden art, home accents or decor, ironwork, functional elements, signage, etc.

Bring me your design, or order a Duclos original.

“Blacksmithing Access Portal”

Try your hand at smithing or use my forge to make what you need.

Well equipped shop and 1 on 1 guidance. $250/ 12:00 – 4:30

“Metaphysical Portal”

Level 3 Sorcerer offering consultation and practical work.

Talismans, enchantments, etc. Come visit my studio for a quote.

Ask my “Blacksmith’s Oracle” what the future holds, or anything else. $2/question.