Enjoy looking at some examples of my previous work. These one-of-a-kind knives are now in the hands of private collectors, but sometimes I will produce duplicates of a certain design with different handles, material and hardware.
Thanks for looking!

‘the Steak Slayer”, full tang with a 9-1/2″ tapered blade of W2 steel, differentially hardened and draw-tempered to an edge of ~62 Rockwell C. Stainless steel bolsters over an ivory Corian handle with owners name on inset medallion.
General purpose kitchen or field knife in W2 steel, ~5″ differentially hardened blade between stabilized spalted maple handle scales, pinned with 1/4″ brass
Filework detail. Bolsters are all undercut to help ‘lock in’ the handle scales.
Fancy skinning-type knife, W2 steel at 64 Rockwell, differentially hardened with a ~4″ blade. Fileworked top tang, stainless steel bolsters and stabilized Birdseye maple handles.
“Fantasy chopper”, 9.5″ blade of W2 steel, edge at ~60 Rockwell, differentially hardened and draw tempered, handle is Australian lacewood with 1/4″ copper pins.
Small sturdy utility blade, 3.5″ of 1/4″ 5160 tempered to a 59-60 Rockwell, hidden tang construction with tang peened through the brass pommel. Bolster is brass over a cotton/epoxy composite handle.
“Kitchen Fighter”, (inspired by the knives carried by chefs aboard the International Space Station) 6-1/2″ hollow ground W2 blade, differentially hardened and etched with a random floral motif on blade flats. Full tang construction with aluminum bolster and natural Burl maple handle with turquoise accent inlay.
Small craft knives,various high quality carbon steel with brass guards and pinned to naturally finished oak handles
Full-tang utility knife forged from railroad spike steel, with locally harvested burl maple hanle and 5″ tapered blade from 1//8″ thickness.
Fantasy chopper, 10″ blade of 5/32″ W2 steel, differentially hardened and tempered to ~60 Rockwell at the edge and flat ground. Stainless steel bolsters and pins, stabilized Amboyna burl handle, fileworked top of tang.
“The Elitist”, 5″ hollow ground blade of 1/4″ 01 tool steel at 57-58 RC, filworked with dyed walnut handle.
6″ tapered blade of 5160, cutting edge of ~60 Rockwell C hardness with a draw-tempered spine. Stabilized Birdseye Maple handle is accented with Turquoise inlay and attached with 1/4″ copper pins
Fantasy concept knife, 5160 spring steel @~52 Rockwell, massive 3/8″ thickness, full flat grind with top edge, stout 5″ blade. Finish is oxide heat-coloring sealed in wax.
Tapered cake knife of 1045 steel
Friction folder, 1/8″ W2 flat ground, edge at 64 Rockwell, differentially hardened bade, steel liners and aluminum handle scales.
Kukri-style fantasy dress knife, 9.5″ tapered blade of 3/8″ thick 5160 spring steel, ~57 Rockwell cutting edge with draw-tempered spine, Fileworked full tang handle and, aluminum bolsters pinned with 1/4″ copper and laminated ‘mystery wood’ handle.
“Ladies’ Imp”
“Ladies’ Imp” 1095 steel at 62-64 Rockwell edge hardness, silk composite bolsters, Burl Maple and Turquoise handle, 4.5″ blade
Flat ground 1084 paring knife with silk composite bolsters over maple burl and copper hardware.
Fantasy chopping knife, hollow ground and draw tempered 5160, 9″ blade, aluminum bolsters and dyed stabilized burl handle scales. Front and rear copper-lined lanyard holes and visible pins.
Hollow ground W2 with 62-64 Rockwell edge hardness, floral motif blade etching, and dyed stabilized Burl handle, fileworked full tang with copper lanyard holes front and rear. 4″ blade.
Fantasy Croc-Killer, 13.5″ flat ground 5160 at 57 Rockwell with draw tempered spine, brass bolsters and stabilized spalted Maple scales. Base is a split railroad spike mounted in slate with African blackwood knife support at rear.
Filewored W2 and carbon fiber folder
W2 Fricton folder in carbon fiber.
Friction folder in W2 high carbon steel, Edge @ 62 Rockwell C, steel liners and stainless pins, fileworked spine.
Craft knife, 1095steel @ 60 Rockwell, 2″ blade, stabilized birdseye maple handle and stainless steel bolster and pin. Felt composite spacer.
1095 steel with edge at 62 Rockwell, 3.5″ flat ground blade, stabilized Australian Lacewood handle, fileworked.
Ninja-Commando knives, 7″ blades, leaf-spring ‘5160’ with satin finish.
Classic bush utility knife, 1095 flat ground, brass bolster and stabilized Boxelder handle.
“The Brutalizer” Blunt-force chopper in 1/4″ 80CrV2 with 24″ blade @57 Rockwell with a draw-tempered spine. Micarta handle with knuckle guard. (This is a specialty tool for demolition work. Made to cleanly smash a line through drywall or tile walls without cutting through live electrical wires.)
Wa-Santoku in W2 with edge at 64 Rockwell C, Buffalo horn ferrule and stabilized Boxelder handle, ~7″ blade
“Squirrel hunter” in W@ steel with dyed stabilized burlwood handle, etched blade flats and hollow grind.
Wa-santoku in W2 steel, edge at ~64 Rockwell, 7-1/2″ blade. Handle is stacked stabilized Amboyna and Buckeye burl between water buffalo horn ferrules.

St. Becky’s Razor, full-on fantasy knife:  Imagine… St. Becky astride a giant armored Emu, razor brandished defiantly above her head as they burst from the tower’s front gates to charge an advancing horde of squid-monsters against a backdrop of burning desert and flaming arrows.

21″ fully flat ground blade forged from 3/8″ 5160 spring steel tapered to 3/16″ at the tip with drawn-tempered spine and edge tempered to ~56 Rockwell C hardness. Hidden tang construction with steel bolster and cross-pinned steel pommel. Handle is silk/resin compote.


Medium sized hunting knife with a 5″ blade. Forged from an old Nicholson file and heat-treated as W1, it is differentially hardened with an edge tempered to ~60 Rockwell C. Hidden 3/4 tang construction with double stainless steel pins and 416 stainless guard above a handle of oil-finished African Blackwood.