My name is Jason Duclos, and I am a self-taught bladesmith and visual artist operating a simple one man studio and workshop, ‘the Temple of Eris’ at the historic Alton Mill arts center in Alton Ontario. My artistic and leisurely pursuits often find me working with metal and wood, and the results of these whimsical efforts are sometimes offered for sale. Unfortunately I cannot commit to made-to-order custom knife work, but currently available pieces will be displayed under the ‘currently available’ menu. (I may entertain requests for non-cutlery commissioned art and ironwork.)

All knives are designed as completely functional and superbly performing unique works of art, and each is individually forged and ground, heat treated to the best of my abilities, etched and fileworked, assembled, fitted and polished by hand, one at a time.  Only high quality carbon steel is used, except where noted for some pieces where salvaged ‘mystery steel’ from springs and such are employed for various reasons. Sometimes I find it appropriate to personally source local wood and exotic material for use in the handles or hardware, while my best work is complimented by professionally stabilized exotic wood or expensive and uncommon materials and stone inlays.

I am currently producing knives in carbon steel only, specifically 1095,  W1, W2, O1, 5160 and 80CrV2., and each is hardened and tempered accordingly for the knife’s design and intended use. Although perfectly suitable for heirlooms or display, I put much effort into the metallurgical processes and construction methods to provide a worthwhile product, and my work is personally guaranteed to provide a lifetime of good looks and admirable performance if used and cared for with the same respect due any piece of artwork or expensive equipment.

I can be reached through email for questions or to make a purchase, at

Or visit my studio storefront, ‘the Temple of Eris’, located at 1402 Queen St. W Alton Ont.

Daily live demonstrations, jewelry, artwork, sculpture, courses, knife sharpening, gifts and more. 


Open  daily 8:00am – 5:00pm, (closed Tuesdays)